Mathematicians & Mathematics on Currency

This page has a listing of mathematics on currency. The connections to mathematics range from those individuals who are clearly thought of as mathematicians, to those for whom the connection is much weaker. It is interesting to see which countries honor mathematicians and scientists by placing them on their currency. In the United States it was somewhat of a stretch to include any currency since those honored on currency tend to be reserved to politicians and especially past presidents.

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Mathematicians and Mathematics on Currency
Mathematician Coin Paper Money ...&... Mathematics Coin Paper Money




Equations & Symbols

Arf, Cahit




Banach, Stefan

Large Numbers

Bogolyubov, Nikolay


Boscovich, Ruggero

Serial Numbers

Bougainville, Louis Antoine de


Caldas, Francisco Jose de


Copernicus, Nicolaus


Cruz, Juana Ines de la


Descartes, Rene

Durer, Albrecht

Echegaray, Jose

Einstein, Albert

Escher, M.C.

Euler, Leonard

Franklin, Benjamin

Galileo Galilei

Garfield, James

Gauss, Carl Friedrich

Hamilton, William Rowan

Huygens, Christian

Jefferson, Thomas

Kravchuk, Mikhail

Leibniz, Gottfried

Le Verrier, Urbain Jean Joseph

Lobachevsky, Nikolai

Lyapunov, Aleksandr

Mercator, Gerardus

Mutis, Jose Celestino

Newton, Issac

Nightingale, Florence

Nunes, Pedro

Ostrograsky, Mikhail

Pacioli, Luca

Pascal, Blaise


Vega, Jurij

Voronoy, Georgy

Zuse, Konrad

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