Nightingale, Florence (1820 - 1910)

English nurse and statistician who was a pioneer in the area of statistical graphics. She made a comprehensive study of the effect of sanitation on medical care in military field hospitals. Nightingale used the pie chart created by William Playfair and is credited with a variation known as the polar area diagram or the Nightingale rose diagram. She was the first female member of the Royal Statistical Society.

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Stamp Description
Turkey, 20k, 1954
Scott: RA167 PT80
Turkey, 30k, 1954
Scott: RA168 PT80
Turkey, 50k, 1954
Scott: RA169 PT80
Germany, 40 + 10pf, 1955
Scott: B347 SP274
Australia, 3 1/2p, 1955
Scott: 284 A91
Turkey, 1l, 1958
Scott: RA229 PT92
Turkey, 1.5l,1958
Scott: Ra230 PT92
Turkey, 2.5l, 1958
Scott: RA231 PT92
Dominica, 48c, 1968
Scott: 209 A22
Great Britain, 9d, 1970
Scott: 613 A225
Surinam, 30c + 10c, 1973
Scott: B197 SP51
Barbuda, 50c, 1981
Scott: 474 B37
Dominica, $3, 1982
Scott: 762 A108
Malawi, 150k, 2011