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The Essentials of Learning course (GNST 101) emphasizes effective study skills techniques, individualized academic counseling, and exposure to a variety of learning strategies appropriate for courses across the curriculum.  In addition, the course emphasizes that study skills are also career and life-learning skills, not simply techniques for obtaining good grades. 

Required Text
POWER Learning: Strategies for Success in College and Life - new only 
Third Edition, Robert Feldman, 2007 -- Registration code for online resources included in text.

You will also need to purchase:  
-- 3x5 lined index cards 

Course Objectives
The student will demonstrate 
 a. ability to set short-term and long-term goals 
 b. ability to formulate an individualized time management plan 
 c. knowledge of higher level critical thinking skills 
 d. knowledge of learning strategies and techniques to improve memory 
     retention and understanding of how people learn 
 e. note taking techniques for reading and listening 
 f. knowledge of test-taking techniques 
 g. knowledge of instructional technology such as e-mail and Internet 

Essentials of Learning
GNST 101
Fall 2006

 (01) 8:30-9:20 a.m.
(02) 1-1:50 p.m.
(03) 8-9:15 a.m.
Benner 006

Connie Murphy

Phone: 939-5039
Office: Benner 006A

Online resources:

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Course Policies
1.  Consistent class attendance is mandatory.  More than three absences will lower your grade.  Beginning with the fourth absence, two percentage points will be deducted from your cumulative grade for each additional absence. Absences should, therefore, be reserved for emergencies.  Three tardies equal one absence.  Please be in the lab and ready to start on time. 

2.  Students must bring their textbook to class each day. No late work or incomplete work will be accepted. Reading assignments are to be completed before coming to class on the date listed on the syllabus. You will be tested over each reading assignment and material covered in class. Be prepared.

3.  Class time may not be used for checking e-mail or logging on to the Internet. All homework assignments are due at the beginning of the class. 

4.  Permission for educational leniency comes from the dean’s office only.  All work must be cleared with the professor before leaving.  Finished work must be turned in before the absence or immediately upon returning to class.  Work cannot be turned in at any unapproved time. 

5.  The schedule is tentative.  If a change is necessary, the professor will notify students at least one class session before the change is effective. Please check your e-mail often because the professor will communicate with you through your ONU e-mail account. 


500 points             Five tests, 100 points each
250 points             Class Participation -- Daily assignments, Internet and on-line assignments; 
                                  class discussion; group activities; and preparation for class
100 points             Time Management -- time log, master calendar, weekly timetable
200 points             Group PowerPoint presentation/paper
100 points             Career Plan 
  50 points             Syllabus/video/faculty names quiz 
1,200 points          TOTAL 

Grading Scale
Your grade is computed by adding the total of your points and dividing by the total number of possible points for a percentage.  (Zeroes for failure to complete work will significantly lower your percentage.)  Percentage scores are converted to grades in the following manner: 

95-100                                              A 
90-94                                                A-
87-89                                                B+
84-86                                                B
80-83                                                B-
77-79                                                C+
74-76                                                C
70-73                                                C-
67-69                                                D+
64-66                                                D 
60-63                                                D-
Below 60                                           F


Tentative Schedule for MWF classes

Date                                                         Topic                                                                    Reading Assignment

30                                                             Introduction/Syllabus/Student Information

1                                                               Video/Discussion

4                                                               Quiz on syllabus/video/faculty names                       Chapter 1

6                                                               Setting Goals/Why Am I Going to College?

8                                                               Differences Between High School and College

11                                                             Time Management                                                  Chapter 2

13                                                             Time Management

15                                                             Test 1                                                                   Time management work due

18                                                             Learning Styles                                                       Chapter 3

20                                                             Learning Styles

22                                                             Learning Styles

25                                                             Note Taking                                                           Chapter 4

27                                                             Note Taking

29                                                             Note Taking

2                                                              Test 2

4                                                               Test Taking                                                            Chapter 5

6                                                               Test Taking

9                                                               FALL BREAK

11                                                             Test Taking

13                                                             Reading/Writing/Speaking                                     Chapters 6 and 7

16                                                             Reading/Writing/Speaking

18                                                             Reading/Writing/Speaking

20                                                             Test 3

23                                                             Memory                                                                Chapter 8

25                                                             Memory

27                                                             Memory

30                                                             Academic Choices/Technology                              Chapters 9 and 10

1                                                               Academic Choices/Technology                             

3                                                               Academic Choices/Technology

6                                                               Test 4

8                                                               Decision Making/Critical Thinking                           Chapter 11

10                                                             Homecoming -- no class

13                                                             Decision Making/Critical Thinking

15                                                             Group work/Technology integration                         Chapters 12-14

17                                                             Group work/Technology integration

20                                                             Group work/Technology integration

22-24                                                        THANKSGIVING

27                                                             Group Presentations

29                                                             Group Presentations

1                                                               Group Presentations

4                                                               Career Plan

6                                                               Career Plan

8                                                               Assessment discussion

11                                                             Career Plan due (end of class)

13                                                             TBA

15 Fri.                                                       FINAL EXAM - Test 5 (Section 01) 8:00-9:50

18 Mon.                                                   FINAL EXAM - Test 5 (Section 02) 1:00-2:50

Students will not be granted special permission to take exams at times other than those listed on the syllabus.

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Tentative Schedule for TR classes


Date                                                                   Topic                                                                     Reading Assignment    
31                                                                         Introduction/Syllabus/Student Information

5                                                                         Video/Discussion

7                                                                         Quiz on syllabus/video/faculty names                        Chapter 1
                                                                           Motives for College -- Differences Between High School and College -- Time Management

12                                                                       Time Management                                                   Chapter 2

14                                                                       Test 1                                                                     Time management work due

19                                                                       Learning Styles                                                        Chapter 3

21                                                                       Learning Styles

26                                                                       Note Taking                                                            Chapter 4

28                                                                       Note Taking

3                                                                         Test 2

5                                                                         Test Taking                                                              Chapter 5

10                                                                       FALL BREAK

12                                                                       Test Taking

17                                                                        Reading/Writing/Speaking                                       Chapters 6 and 7

19                                                                        Test 3

24                                                                        Memory                                                                 Chapter 8

26                                                                        Memory

31                                                                        Memory

2                                                                          Academic Choices/Technology                               Chapters 9 and 10

7                                                                          Test 4

9                                                                          Decision Making/Critical Thinking                           Chapter 11

14                                                                       Critical Thinking

16                                                                       Group work/Technology integration                        Chapters 12-14

21                                                                       Group work/Technology integration

23                                                                        THANKSGIVING

28                                                                        Group Presentations

30                                                                        Group Presentations

5                                                                         Career Plan

7                                                                          Career Plan

12                                                                        Career Plan/Assessment Discussion
                                                                            Career Plan due (end of class)

14                                                                         TBA

19 Tues.                                                                FINAL EXAM -- Test 5 -- (Section 03) 8:00-9:50


Students will not be granted special permission to take exams at times other than those listed on the syllabus.

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